Shining Light

Shining Light helps put GAA Pitch Locator on the map

How many GAA pitches are in Ireland? No this isn’t an ‘answers on a post card’ type of question 🙂

Here at Shining Light we have been working hard with our new customer GAA Pitch Locator! And they are ones who can answer that question. is Ireland’s only and largest pitch locater for all things GAA. Our client is helping literally put clubs and county’s on the map, through its intuitive design and indexed mapping and geo tagging matrix. Visitors can not just see pitches in Ireland, but can drill down further to see how many pitches there are in their province, county, city and even village! But its not just about listing those pitches, as GAA Pitch Locator helps visitors find and get door to door directions to those pitches! Its pitchin’ marvellous 🙂

We helped GAA Pitch Locator by creating a responsive website and their mapping matrix, which not just shows endless lists of pitches, noooo….. What we have created is the first mapped index of all the GAA pitches in Ireland. And not only that users can use the locator to not only find pitches, but get up to date travel directions, with travel reports direct from Google!

So the answer to the question earlier…. there are 1745 GAA pitches in Ireland. Don’t believe us, then check out for yourself!